What are cookies?

Browser cookies are files that will store information on your computer which means that HIRE SKIP Milton Keynes will know that you have visited the website before.

Use of cookies

This website uses two separate types of cookies:

  • Permanent cookies which allow the website to retain information and choices that have been made by you and use them when the site will be loaded again from the same computer. As an example, a shop site could store details like which currency was used on a previous purchase. A multiple language site will remember which language was selected, and automatically use that the next time that you will visit the website.

  • One of the benefits of using this type of cookies is that it helps websites like this one, to remember information and settings when you come back, which leads to a faster and more convenient access for you.

  • Session cookies (also known as temporary cookies) which are erased when the browser is closed at the end of the session. The next time that the site is visited you will not be remembered and will be treated as if it were the first time that you are on the site. This is because there is nothing in the browser to let the site know that it has been visited before.

  • Just like the other type, a benefit of this type of cookie is that websites such as this one, will keep track of your movement from page to page so that information given once does not have to be repeated each time that you load a page. This type of cookies allow progress through many pages of a site quickly and easily without having to authenticate or reload data for processing on each new page that you visit.

If you want to opt out of using cookies you can adjust the settings in your own browser. As there is a high number of browsers available and in use, the ways that such actions can be taken are not listed here.

The website All about cookies gives a great deal of useful and up-to-date information.