Your inventory contains what skip sizes exactly?

SKIP HIRE Milton Keynes can provide to local residents or businesses all sorts of skip sizes, ranging from a mini skip, 8 yards skip and up to a ROLL ON ROLL OFF 40 yards skip.

Can I place the skip anywhere I desire?

In Buckinghamshire, the law states that if you would like to place the skip on public property, you must also have a skip permit to do so. If this is your case, please let us know when placing your order so that we can make the necessary arrangements.

If I want to place the skip on my drive way, how much space does it take?

Pretty much all skips come in standard sizes, so you should make sure that you have about 9ft for entry and up to 12ft for length.

Another important aspect that you should consider is to make sure that the surface where you want the skip placed is steady. Because the lorry and skip weigh quite a lot, the delivery surface should be stable enough.

For customers that don’t have enough space on their property, we can facilitate obtaining a skip permit for placement on public roads. Just let us know if that is the case for you, and we’ll obtain it for you.

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I must get rid of heavy waste? What skip size should I hire?

For disposing of heavy waste or objects, SKIP HIRE Milton Keynes recommends to all of our customers to start with a 10 yard skip. As an example, a tone of aggregates usually means that it takes up one cubic yard.

Do I require a skip permit to drop the skip straight on the road?

Yes, as we’ve stated above you must comply with the UK regulations so having one is required to dispose of your waste properly.

What if I cannot obtain a skip license?

You do not have to do that yourself. Just let us know if you want to place it on public property and we’ll obtain the skip permit for you.

Am I allowed to throw anything in the skip?

You can dump anything that is not related to asbestos or items such as tyres, fridges, fire extinguishers or freezers. Please note that SKIP HIRE Milton Keynes will not pick-up your skip if the driver notices that such assets have been disposed of in one of our skips.

What is the process of hiring a skip?

We’ve made it simple for you. Just telephone us at 01908 410389 or use the dedicated contact form!

When do you deliver the skip?

As soon as you confirm the order, we can either have it delivered to your location on the same day or on a later date, if that is your request.

All skips, no matter the skip size, come with same day/next day delivery free of charge in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. In addition to this, the driver can pick-up the skip on any given date/hour that you specify, or when it is full.

For how long do I get to keep the skip?

SKIP HIRE Milton Keynes does not impose a minimum or maxium time to keep the skip, for any of its customers. This means that you are free to keep the skip for up to a month, without any additional charges.

After this period, someone will check with you if you want us to pick it up. As soon as it is full, simply phone us at 01908 410389 and a driver will come by your location to pick it up.

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