When placing a skip hired in Milton Keynes on public roads, you must have a valid skip permit that allows you to do it. According to the Highways Act 1980: section 139 road traffic regulations act, you are required to have one for each skip.

Who must obtain the skip permit?

In order to submit an application for placing a skip on a public road in Milton Keynes, you must be a registered skip provider in the County.

Requirements when applimage_red_skip_permit_milton_keynesying for a skip permit in Milton Keynes.

  • The skip size that you intend to hire;
  • The location where the skip will be placed;
  • Making sure to mark, light and guard the skip;
  • Your application must be submitted 7 days before the start date;
  • No hazardous items can be disposed in the skip;

What are the costs involved for obtaining a skip permit?

The council of Milton Keynes requires us to pay a fee of £20 for first two weeks. For any subsequent two weeks after it, the cost is £40 per two week period. Please note that this cost will be added to your bill next to the existing skip hire price.

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Fines and penalties

The skip operator is required to make sure that no hazardous items will be disposed in the skip. If this happens, SKIP HIRE Milton Keynes is liable of paying fines that start at £1,000.

In addition to this, the skip company will be fined for not having a valid skip permit if the skip will be placed on a public road.

Skip permit expiry date

Each skip permit is valid for a period of two weeks. Before the period ends we, as a skip operator, must either pick up the skip or request for an additional skip license from the council.

SKIP HIRE Milton Keynes must make sure that the place where the skip was placed will be left in good condition after it is picked up. If you would like to keep the skip longer than two weeks, please let us know and we’ll make the necessary arrangements and apply for an additional permit.

Emptying the skip

The UK laws and regulations state that we are not allowed to pickup a skip that contains hazardous materials. It is our responsibility to make sure that it does not exceed the loading limit before picking it up.

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