Having a wide range of skip sizes in stock, available for hiring, is a clear sign to customers that we are serious about our business.

If you intend to clear up your house, perform a renovation in your house or simply get rid of junk, then hiring a skip in Milton Keynes is the way to go.

We created this page with the sole purpose to offer you details about the skip dimensions that we have in our inventory.

Don’t hesitate to call 01908 410389 for details about skip sizes!

What skip size should you choose?

To make it easier for our customers, we consolidated a minimum of details for each skip size on this page. If you are interested to read further information about each dimension, all you have to do is to just open the coresponding page.

  • Mini Skip
  • Being the first skip size in our offer, means that it is also the smallest one, with up to 3 cubic yards of waste storage space. This skip can hold up to 30 bin bags, making it ideal for small jobs like tidying up your home.more about the Mini Skip

    • Midi Skip
    • This one is designed for those clients that must perform jobs like landscaping or home renovation because it has a size of 4 cubic yards.more about the Midi Skip

      • Builders Skip
      • The builders skip comes with 8 cubic yards of space, which is suitable for disposing of large or bulky items. It is sometimes refered to as a maxi skip in the industry.more about the Builders Skip

        • Large Skip
        • A large skip size has room for 16 cubic yards of waste. This skip is usually recommended to clients that must dispose of a huge volume of waste.more about the Large Skip

          • Roll ON Roll OFF
          • This skip comes in multiple sizes, from 15 up to 50 cubic yards. It is a very big skip, designed for customers that must dispose of waste as a result of an industrial or construction project. It can hold up to 300 of black bin bags.more about the Roll ON Roll OFF Skip

            Whether you hire a mini skip or a builders skip, all of them come with same day / next day delivery to Milton Keynes and surrounding areas.

            Why are skip sizes relevant?

            No matter what you want to hire a skip for, selecting the right skip size can lead to saving both money and time for you. It is actually less costly to hire a skip that is bigger in size than your waste disposal estimates.

            We always like to advise our customers on selecting the correct skip size or about other waste disposal topics. If you have questions related to rubbish removal, to obtaining a skip permit or anything else, SKIP HIRE Milton Keynes is here to help!

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