Our offering for a large skip hire Milton Keynes has been designed for clients that deal with a high volume of rubbish, that must be disposed of in an environmental friendly manner.

What is a Large skip?pic of a large skip size in milton keynes

The large skip is on the higher end of the scale in our inventory, right after the builders skip. It is generally selected by customers that are running a business which generates a consistent volume of rubbish, such as a factory, a demolition company or any other industrial activity.

The large skip is not recommended to clients that don’t have such volumes of waste to deal with. They are better of going for our domestic skip hire.

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What size is a Large skip?

There are very clear standards in the waste industry for all types of skips. The large skip size is 5’ 3″ (1.6m) high, 13′ 8 ” (4.2m) long and 6′ wide (1.84m). You can dispose of up to 210 bin bags of waste.

Even though it is one of our largest skip sizes, most of the time it fits just right on any driveway from Milton Keynes or surrounding areas.

Environmental regulations when hiring a large skip in Milton Keynes.

With each skip hire in Milton Keynes we have to make sure that our customers respect the UK safety and environmental regulations. This is why we always inform them about not being allowed to dispose of hazardous items such as vehicle batteries, asbestos, paint, fridges or the likes.

If we find any of the above materials inside the large skip, we will not pick it up and fines may incurr on your part.

Do I require a skip permit to place a large skip on my property?

If you intend to place the large skip in your back garden or anywhere else on the property, you are free to do so without having a valid skip permit.

If you do not have enough space to place it there, please let us know and we’ll apply for a skip license to the Milton Keynes council and have it ready upon delivery.

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