All offers for a midi skip hire Milton Keynes come with about 4 yards of cubic space for your waste. This skip size is ideal for clients that are currently doing a home renovation or any other trade job. With this skip, you have enough room for about 40 bin bags of rubbish.

What is a Midi Skip?picture of yellow medium sized skip

In SKIP HIRE Milton Keynes‘s inventory this is the second skip dimension available. When compared to the first skip version, this one is just slightly bigger.

The midi skip is suitable for clients that do not have a high volume of waste to get rid of, or for tradesman that do not generate a lot of waste through their jobs.


Dispose of your waste in an environmental friendly way!

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What size is a Midi Skip?

The waste industry standards specify that a midi skip must measure 3′ 2″ (0.97m) high, 6′ (1.83m) long and 4′ 3″wide (1.29m). With this skip, you can dispose of up to 40 bin bags full of rubbish.

Our practice and our customer’s expericence taught us that it is better to hire a skip that is slightly larger than your waste disposal requirements. It is less costly and less time consuming to hire a single midi skip than two of a smaller size.

Environmental regulations when hiring a Midi skip in Milton Keynes.

The UK environmental regulations state that you are not allowed to dispose of hazardous materials such as vehicle batteries, tires, fridges or asbestos. We will not pick-up your midi skip if we notice that it contains any of these items or similar to them.

Do I require a skip permit to place a midi skip on my property?

Because this is a resonably skip size, it can be place on most driveways in Milton Keynes without too much trouble. You do not have to posses a valid skip license.

If you do not have enough space on your property, please let us know and we’ll obtain a skip permit on your behalf.

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