All offers for a mini skip hire Milton Keynes come with 3 cubic yards of space for rubbish. This particular skip size is the perfect choice for a home cleanup in the spring. This one can hold up to 30 bin bags.

What is a Mini Skip?mini_skip_size

In SKIP HIRE Milton Keynes‘s inventory, this skip size is the smallest one having just 3 cubic yards of storage space.

The mini skip is preferred by clients searching for a domestic skip hire, that generally deal with a very low volume of rubbish.


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What size is a mini skip?

The waste industry standard dimensions state that a mini skip should measure 2′ 6″ (0.80m) high, 5′ (1.50m) long and 4′ (1.3m) wide. Even though it is a small skip size, it can hold from 20 to 30 bin bags. Another advantage is the fact that it can be placed on almost any driveway in Milton Keynes.

Environmental regulation when hiring a mini skip in Milton Keynes.

SKIP HIRE Milton Keynes is really strict about what allows its customers to dispose of in the skips hired in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas. This means that we will not pick up the mini skip if it contains items such as: vehicle batteries, fridges, asbestos, paint or anything else hazardous to the environment.

Do I require a skip permit to place the mini skip on my property?

No, you are not required to have a valid skip permit if you intend to place the skip on your private property. Please note that if you do not have enough space, you will have to inform us and we will obtain a skip license on your behalf.

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