Our offer for a Roll ON Roll OFF skip Milton Keynes comes with various sizes, from 15 up to 50 yards of cubic space ready to hold your rubbish. This particular skip size is really massive, which makes it the perfect choice for customers that have ongoing construction or industrial projects.

For a better management, this skip will be rolled on a full sized lorry and dispatched to where you tell us. Once delivered, it can hold up to 300 of bin bags full with waste. If this skip is big for you, then we recommend you to go for the large skip instead.

What is a Roll ON Roll OFF skip?

photo of a red roll on roll off skip size in milton keynes

The Roll ON Roll OFF skip is designed for customers that operate businesses which involve a large volume of waste.

In our inventory we have multiple variants for this skip, for example with or without a large swing door. The door will allow you to load heavy items inside without having to lift them.

This skip size belongs to our commercial skip hire offer, so for customers that do not deal with such a high volume of rubbish we have smaller skips.

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What size is a Roll ON Roll OFF skip?

SKIP HIRE Milton Keynes offers various skip sizes to customers that must get rid of rubbish in large quantities. In our inventory you will find skips that range from 15 up to 50 cubic yards. These are actually the largest skips that you can hire, making them perfect for heavy industry customers.

When talking about measurements, the 20 cubic yards Roll ON Roll OFF skip is 6′ 1 ” (1.85m) high, 20′ (6.1m) long and 7′ 9″ wide (2.4m).

Our second preferred skip from our offer is 8′ 2 ” (2.51m) high, 20′ (6m) long and 7′ 9″ wide (2.4m).

Environmental regulations when hiring a Roll ON Roll OFF skip in Milton Keynes.

No matter which skip size you choose to hire from us, please note that you have to respect the UK’s Environmental and saftey regulations. These state that you are not allowed to dispose of hazardous materials such as asbestos, fridges, paint or vehicle batteries in any of our skips.

Please note that if we notice any of the above to be present in the roll ON roll OFF skip when pick-up is due, we will not proceed with it and fines may incurr to your end.

Do I require a skip permit to place the Roll ON Roll OFF skip on my property?

Even though this is a massive skip in terms of skip size, it can be place on your property without requiring a valid skip permit.

If you do not have enough space, please let us know and we’ll make the necessary arrangements to obtain a skip license on your behalf. It will be delivered to you along with the skip.

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